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Clean Out for a Cause on Giving Tuesday

Clean Out for a Cause on Giving Tuesday


One year ago on #GivingTuesday we “flipped the switch” - we went live! 

This first year has been a wild ride, and we have learned a lot. Most importantly though, our warehouse is now filled with beautiful clothes donated from around the country to more organizations than you can believe.

So today, on Giving Tuesday, we would love to ask you to walk into your closet and be honest with yourself – when WAS the last time you actually wore that Herve Ledger dress? What about those shoes you kicked off under the table at that event last year? How are you REALLY feeling about that deep-V blouse? Are you really a hobo bag kind of girl? 

I’m not saying that there aren’t beautiful items in your closet – in fact, just the opposite. But what I am asking is that you determine the difference between loving an item, and loving it for YOU. 

On this giving Tuesday, please consider a #cleanoutforacause donation for your favorite charity. Sign up to donate by downloading a free shipping label or requesting a free donation kit sent to your house. It's easy.

Sign up to donate today, December 1, and you will receive 15% off your next purchase at Union & Fifth. 


If you can’t donate, please #shopforgood


We would love to see what you have in mind – be sure to tag us on your Social Media with the #Cleanoutforacause and @unionfifth

Thanks for your support, we are so excited to see what year two has in store. 


Happy Giving Tuesday!


Christena Reinhard | Executive Director

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15% Off Sitewide* for the Holiday

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