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Use Your Shopping Habit To Help Others (and Your Closet!) At the Same Time - WHOSAY Exclusive

Use Your Shopping Habit To Help Others (and Your Closet!) At the Same Time - WHOSAY Exclusive

It's time to kiss buyer's remorse goodbye! By weaving fashion with philanthropy, the new e-commerce and fundraising platform, Union & Fifth, allows you to shop 'til you drop...all for a good cause.

The best part? (Brace yourself—there's more than one!) 

First, if you're donating clothes, you get to choose which non-profit organization will receive your funds (and a whopping 75% of the sale price is donated). Beneficiaries include Global Green USA, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation-LA, Little Kids Rock, Race to Erase MS, and—most recently—a shop dedicated to the Two Ten Footwear Foundation

For those on the shopping side, there's a chance that you'll be inheriting pieces straight from a celebrity donor's closet, like Kelly Osbourne or Sophie Simmons. Talk about a good story! 

Union & Fifth Helps Closets, Fashionistas, and Non-Profits At the Same Time

We caught up recently with Union & Fifth co-founder, Christena Reinhard, to learn more about this brilliant platform. Keep scrolling to see what inspired Union & Fifth, her favorite designer donation to date, and more. 

WhoSay: How did you and your sister-in-law, Pam Trefler, come up with the idea for Union & Fifth? 

Reinhard: After getting my MBA and leaving corporate America, I started fundraising for an incredible organization called Year Up. We needed to build a Macintosh computer lab and it wasn't in the budget that year. I went to Pam and we were brainstorming ways to find $40,000; we cleaned out her closet, sold it through an online consignment store, and raised over $40,000.

WhoSay: That must have been some closet!

Reinhard: We like to joke that we built a Macintosh computer lab out of old sweaters and handbags.

WhoSay: What has been the most rewarding aspect of launching Union & Fifth? 

Reinhard: We are so inspired that people are embracing shopping for good. They are embracing it because they want to do good in the world and also because of the up-cycling aspect of it. 

WhoSay: Are there any specific brands or items that you'd encourage people to donate right now? 

Reinhard: Contemporary brands do really well. We're always looking for small-sized shoes and we love vintage! Mostly, what we want are people to raise money for the charities that they love.

WhoSay: What has been your favorite donation to date? 

Reinhard: Celebrity closet cleanouts are fun. And just the other day, we had five donation bags filled with Chanel. That was pretty exciting. All work stopped because the clothing was so beautiful!

What are you waiting for? Head over to Union & Fifth for your next fashion find and know that you're helping someone in the process.

By Kirstin Benson

Full Article: http://www.whosay.com/l/DSKbcpz


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