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Press Kit


Press Kit



San Francisco, November 2014 – How do you make philanthropy current? You dig deep into the closets of fashionistas and give back. This was the catalyst for founding Union & Fifth, the e-commerce retailer that finds its unique merchandise from the closets of people characterizing all walks of life, to then donate its proceeds tochange the world. 

Founded by sisters-in-law Pamela Trefler, philanthropist, and Christena Reinhard, professional fundraiser — Union & Fifthtakes an altruistic spin on a consumer driven industry to actively make a change on the footprint of commerce. With a December 2014 launch, Union & Fifth will by synonymous with the motto “Fundraisers first, fashionistas second.”

While seeking a way to give back and rallying others to be involved along the process, the brand formed its innovative and effectiveway of re-selling designer labels, but with a twist. Union & Fifth does not pocket their profits, instead funds will be donated to a wide variety of charities selected by donors. The company’s doors are open to any and all individuals who wish to donate, and arehappy to give individual’s proceeds to any non-profit of their choice.


Buy a Valentino bag from Union & Fifth, and the proceeds will helpsomeone in need —simple, yet profound.


Upon cleaning out their first closet in 2012, they raised $40,000 after the consignment split. This was the “Aha” moment thatopened their eyes to a niche that would change the way people shop and give.

While much of the industry has gone the way of fast-fashion, Union & Fifth brings back to life the idea that quality and great pieces can span generations. Christena describes their efforts as


“Effectively changing the face of fundraising; Union & Fifth is a way to put into motion a beneficial cycle of shopping – knowing you are giving back by opening your closet, or being a customer. It gives a deeper meaning to retail therapy.”


Union & Fifth plans to join celebrities, the style crazed and the philanthropically driven, to create a new trend in fashion. The synergy created between charity and style will forever change the life cycle of clothing, the way we shop, and the way we support our favorite causes.


Below are a few of the amazing non-profits that we are currently featuring on our site. We cannot wait to see this list grow as more people donate to the charities they are passionate about.


Click here to see the full list of charities we work with.


We specialize in high-end designer and contemporary brands. Click here to see our full-list of designers we carry.



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