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Holiday Gift Giving is Thrice as Nice When You Shop Union & Fifth

Holiday Gift Giving is Thrice as Nice When You Shop Union & Fifth

Finding the right gifts can be a mean task but Union & Fifth is here to make it nice!  For starters, we’ve carefully curated a holiday gift guide for you that's chock full of the best gifts for this winter season.  In it, you'll be sure to find some comfortably warm and stylish coats from Giorgio Armani, some drop dead gorgeous Manolo Blahniks, some ever-so-charming earrings from Tiffany and Co. and so much more!  Not so sure on the sizing?  We’ve got you covered!  Choose from our collection of handbags by Coach, Fendi, Chanel and Valentino-- a handbag is always a sure fit.  You’ll also find plenty of luxurious, cashmere scarves-- another excellent wintertime gift.

So now you’ve figured out the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  Go you!  Of course we all know that gift gathering can be hard on the old wallet, especially for us extra generous types!  You will find some of the lowest prices on gently-loved designer clothes, shoes and accessories at Union & Fifth, all in truly excellent condition.  Not into gently-loved pieces?  We've got you covered with over 700 items available that are new with tags and/or box-- all at prices that can’t be beat.

Being near those you cherish is what makes the true magic of the holiday season.  Showing your love and care through a carefully chosen gift is just icing on the cake.  In this time of plenty, lets turn our gaze, for a moment, to the world of the less fortunate.  Some of our neighbors aren't as fortunate and won’t be spending this time with the warmth of family.  Some of our neighbors may be facing hardships that can detract from the joy of the season.

In your hands you have the opportunity, right now, to reach out and offer some warmth to those in need.  You may be familiar with our mission statement: “To raise money for nonprofits by reselling donated designer clothes, shoes and accessories.” Each nonprofit charity organization also has a mission statement of their own. This is because each organization is literally on a mission to aid humankind.  For Place of Hope, its by providing education, transportation and birthday parties to foster children. For Adaptive Training Foundation, its by empowering those with physical disabilities to transform their lives through exercise and community.

Union and Fifth partners with these organizations to help you extend kindness and care to those outside your inner circle while you work to provide for those at home.

Let’s take a look at why gift giving is thrice as nice when you shop at Union & Fifth.


Once: Support the Union & Fifth Mission this Holiday Season with Your Act of Generosity

Studies and common sense tell us that we experience an upward spiral of well-being through acts of generosity.  A 2003 University of Michigan study showed that committing acts of kindness can increase one’s lifespan by reducing stress, supporting the immune system and booting one’s sense of purpose.  Talk about a force for good!

Now, ‘tis the season for giving and we’re here to help you maximize your well-being because Union & Fifth helps you both give and give back.  Your initial act of gifting to your intended recipient is effectively doubled when you purchase that gift because seventy-five percent of the purchase price will benefit a charity.  This means you help charities like Project Glimmer, which gives gifts of costume jewelry, gift cards, and new make-up and beauty products to at-risk teen girls and women, spread the joy even further.  Your holiday gift purchase is a triple act of generosity because your purchase keeps these lovely items out of our landfills, benefitting our environment and the entire planet as a result!

And don’t forget about our donors- we couldn’t do any of this without our donors.  When you shop at Union & Fifth, you’re helping philanthropists like yourself sort out their wardrobes out by taking some once-beloved pieces off their hands and giving those precious dresses, handbags and shoes new life.


Twice: Holiday Gift Shopping For Good at Union & Fifth

Our website is a true treasure trove of unique and amazing gifts all thanks to our diverse community of generous donors.  They clear out their closets to donate their gently loved clothing and accessories.  Thanks to these amazing people who support our mission to raise money for nonprofits, we have a robust roster of designers, collections and vintage and unique items for sale with most of our shop being comprised of one-of-a-kind items.  We make it easy, fun, and socially responsible for you to shop for good!  Whomever you’re shopping for this holiday season, you’re sure to find a wonderfully crafted designer gift at Union & Fifth that will dazzle them.

Who ever thought that a pair of red bottoms or a classic flap bag could help people and animals in need?  We have partnered with many charities, from the American Heart Association to the ASPCA, and smaller local organizations.  These nonprofit organizations, in turn, reach out to their community of philanthropists and spread the awareness of fashion as a force for good.  In this way, we have become a fundraising tool for charities.


Thrice: Holiday Sale – Gifts for Women at 20% Off

Whether you have plans for an epic and dressed-up New Year’s Eve party or something less formal, like relaxing at home with a loved one, Union & Fifth has something for you this holiday season!  Shop Union & Fifth between now and December 24th and you will receive an extra savings of 20% off every one of our top gifts for women in 2017.  This collection is full of party dresses, cozy cold weather sweaters, winter coats, and boots that will delight you all season-long.  And check out our new with tags collection of sleepwear (for those who prefer to cuddle up at home).  All of these make excellent gifts for your loved ones or, perhaps, for yourself.  (We totally get that the upswing of well-being can also occur from acts of self-generosity so don’t forget to be kind to yourself this holiday season!)

Our selection of gently used designer clothing, shoes and accessories are priced to sell and with the additional 20% discount there are so many bargains to be had.  Shop Union & Fifth this year and enjoy the holidays knowing that you have given back in an extraordinary way and helped to make fashion a force for good!