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Closet Cleanout

Closet Cleanout

Union & Fifth’s FAB Donation Guide helps our donors maximize their financial contributions to the charitable organization of their choice. How? Our designer resale market experts compiled a list of the highest-selling and most covetable high-end brands on the resale market. You can check out our Accepted Brands list here. Our end goal is to raise as much money as we can for charity!

Remember, Union & Fifth passes on 75% of our net proceeds to the charity of the donor’s choice. At the end of the year, we send each donor an itemized donation list for the items that sold on our site.

If you'd love your closet to be organized, philanthropic, and stylish, Union & Fifth suggests these three simple steps:


Step 1

SIGN UP TO DONATE – Donating is free, simple and 100% tax deductible. Visit our website, select your charity and download your free shipping label or request a free donation bag here.

Hot Tip: Stay ahead of the game by keeping a U5 donation bag in your closet! When you find yourself wrangling with that piece- the one you take off and put on over and over again- toss it in a donation bag and send it off to do some good.

Step 2

CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET – Ughh, right? I know. But wait! This doesn’t have to be a huge production. Feel free to send us 100 items or just 1 item- every donation makes a difference. For those of you who know you're in need of some deeper cleaning, we've got your back. These simple guidelines make cleaning your closet a fun exercise in discipline and you'll feel soooo good when this task is complete!

  • Set your closet clean out mindset prior to reviewing the items in your closet. Is your closet filled with…

·       too many clothes?

·       outdated clothes?

·       Ill-fitting clothes?

·       unsuitable clothes due to a career change?

·       unseasonable clothes due to a relocation?


  •  Now ask yourself these questions about each apparel and accessory item in your closet. Does it…

·       fit?

·       make me feel good?

·       meet my current style preference?

·       get ignored for more than a year?


  • Take all the pieces that apply and toss them in your Union & Fifth donation bag. Pieces should be clean, stain-free, with minimal signs of wear. Donate any items to Union & Fifth that are…

·       Ill-fitting

·       No longer your style

·       Gently loved

·       Expensive

·       New with tags


  • Drop the donation bag off at any UPS location for free delivery to Union & Fifth headquarters. We photograph, authenticate, list and sell your items on our website. Items that don't fit our criteria are passed on to local donation centers.


Step 3

MAKE AN IMPACT – This is the easiest step because we do all the work for you! Congratulations! You now get to reap the benefits from your closet clean out in the form of…

·       Benefiting a charity in need; be it one of our partner charities (Like RWRB, benefitting Hurricane Harvey Victims) or literally any other registered 501c3 of your choice. 

·       Claiming a charitable contribution on your tax return. Union & Fifth provides our donors with an itemized list of donated items that have sold.

·       Closet space to update your wardrobe. Perhaps with some fabulous finds from Union & Fifth!


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