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Yes, This is Authentic

Yes, This is Authentic

     "YES, THIS IS AUTHENTIC" reads the tagline on the labels we attach to our designer luxury handbags here at Union & Fifth. We take pride in our ability to verify that the handbags we sell are the real deal. We're able to stand by this claim thanks to the amazing folks at Entrupy.

Entrupy is the company that provides Union & Fifth with the technology we use to bolster our promise that we sell only authentic luxury handbags - never fakes.

The brainiacs over at Entrupy (a team of folks with no less than 8 advanced degrees among them) have created complex detection algorithms which allow Union & Fifth to analyze the designer handbags that have been donated to us. These donated bags once authenticated help raise money for other charitable organizations. Authenticating is a super simple (and fun) process that involves a smartphone app and a tiny scanning device that sends multiple photographic images through the smartphone and into Entrupy's software platform. A few minutes later... et voila! That donated Chanel with its double CCs and soft lambskin can be legitimately sold and legally purchased by our customer along with the Certification of Authenticity issued by Entrupy. If the bag cannot be verified, Entrupy's software provides that result too.

If you're wondering why any of this matters, it's pretty simple. Counterfeiting is not a victimless crime. Here's why:

• Counterfeiters and crime syndicates collaborate to support human trafficking and child labor according to statistics. That fake Prada or Gucci handbag was likely made in a sweatshop which are notorious for violating child-labor laws and basic human rights.

•   Counterfeiting is trademark infringement, and transacting with counterfeit items is illegal even when the sellers and buyers aren't aware that the item is a fake.

•   Selling and buying fakes is unethical because it deprives designers the fruits of their labor, unfairly putting those profits into dishonest hands.

•   Counterfeiters “...do not pay taxes, meaning less money for your city’s schools, hospitals, parks and other social programs,” says the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC), a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting intellectual property.

     Union & Fifth digitally authenticates gorgeous and authentic handbags from the following brands:                                                                           

• Prada

• Chanel

• Gucci

• Louis Vuitton

• Hermès

• Céline

• Burberry

• Dior

• Balenciaga

• Fendi

• Goyard 

Let’s face it, there's nothing glamorous about a fake fashionista or those who sell counterfeit items to them. So rest assured, when you shop with Union & Fifth you help us make fashion a force for good.


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